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                                                                                 Last updated 25/02/04

Welcome to Wayoutstunts Internet site.

Wayoutstunts are planning groundbreaking stunts events over the coming months for 2004 – a UK company promoting thrills and daring acts performed by of a handful of the worlds top thrill seekers.

Lozza & Sharky aim to set the world record for jumping a Double Decker Bus over motorcycles.

Lawrence Legend smashes the bus jumping record, 38 motorbikes at Summernats 2004 (January 10th)

Top Gear 2003                                            With a ramp this flat how fast were they hoping to go and how many bikes did they hope to clear?Top Gear 2003 Attempt

Lawrence Legend                     18 motorcycle Double Decker bus Jump Bus Jumping 2003                   

Rocky Taylor - Professional stuntman & co-ordinator, performed a television commercial stunt, where he Jumped a Double Decker over 27 motorcycles for a Wrangler Jeans advert.Rocky Taylor - 27 bike jump

Dickie Smith                                              14 motorcycle Double Decker bus Jump                                                  Bus Jumping 1980                                    

 -  UK World Double Decker Jumper over 50 Motorcycles (TBA) UK Bus Jump

 -  USA World Double Decker Jumper Over 60+Motorcycles (Aug 04) Future Events

You can also contact us at our e-mail address: info@wayoutstunts.com

Our company is young, but we have set our targets high and it is our aim to be the UK leading Stunt Company.